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Shorts: Gather Me

A commitment to care.



Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, an exploration of the indigenous worldview and wisdom. With hand painted imagery with mixed materials, it is a reclaim of the ideas of animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.

  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Country: Canada
  • Director: Alisi Telengut
  • Premiere: Philadelphia

Short Documentary

Barry the Beekeeper

An intergenerational tale about Barry, a Jamaican-born beekeeper who has been the heart of his local community in Liverpool for over 20 years. Despite the pandemic threatening the closure of his beloved Caribbean center, Barry takes inspiration from his bees and is still reminded to have hope

  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Director: Ikram Ahmed
  • Premiere: East Coast
Closed Captioning

"Weidle's" was a delicatessen in the artist's hometown of Mansfield, Ohio that serviced the Northside community. In this 16mm silent short film, a neighborhood butcher in Charlottesville, Virginia is filmed as he prepares the goods.

  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Director: Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Premiere: World

Illegal immigrant, Nkechi, lives happily in the shadows with her partner Martha, but when immigration officers turn up unexpectedly, they have to make difficult decisions about their future together.

  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Director: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor
  • Premiere: East Coast
Closed Captioning
Short Narrative

You Can Always Come Home

As a young family and their friends prepare for a gathering, young children play throughout the home, revealing quotidian aspects of ritual, celebration, and love, cultivated in the Black diasporic household.

  • Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Director: Juan Luis Matos
  • Premiere: Philadelphia
Closed Captioning

The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child stay resilient. Night must trick her into sleeping to save her soul.

  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Country: Germany, Qatar, Palestine, Jordan
  • Director: Ahmad Saleh
  • Premiere: East Coast
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