William and Louise Greaves Filmmaker Seminar

Two people speak in front of a large audience, a film screen behind them showing a still image of a number of Black people in white dress.

A seminar for Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists working in cinematic realms, hosted by BlackStar.

Event Dates March 18-20, 2022 


The work of Bill Greaves has an undeniable out-flowering of the human spirit and an attempt to reflect the truth of a people.

– Jon-Sesrie Goff, “Speaking of Rivers,” Seen

Based on the success of the day-long filmmakers’ symposium at the annual BlackStar Film Festival (that has included 100 filmmakers of color annually), BlackStar is proud to present the William and Louise Greaves Filmmaker Seminar, a gathering for Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists working in cinematic realms. Participants will explore the technical and creative aspects of media-making, while having honest conversations about the successes and pitfalls of their work. Our environment considers the intersection of cinema and visual arts, and is exclusively designed for people of color to focus and not manage the added burden of representation.

The Seminar is named after visionary filmmakers William and Louise Greaves, who together co-produced landmark documentaries such as Symbiopsychotaxiplasm and Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey. Read more about the importance of William’s decades-long career, which included over 200 documentary films, here.

The inaugural Seminar was held virtually in 2021, thanks to support from Cinereach. To keep our communities safe during the ongoing pandemic, BlackStar will be hosting the 2022 Seminar virtually as well.

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When are applications due and when will I be notified?

Application Launch — January 19
Application Closes — February 4
Notification Date — February 15
Seminar Dates — March 18-20

When and where does this take place?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2022 seminar will take place virtually from March 18-20, 2022. Admitted participants will receive further details about the online format.

Do I have to attend all three days?

Yes, accepted participants are expected to attend the entirety of the Seminar.

Is there a cost associated with attendance?

No, the Seminar is free to attend, but interested attendees must fill out an application. There are a limited number of openings and not everyone who applies is guaranteed admission. Admitted applicants will be notified in February.

Is this event accessible?

We are working to ensure that the Seminar will include closed captioning and live translation throughout.

Can I register for more than one person?

No. Each person should register for themselves.

Do I need to identify as a filmmaker?

You do not need to be a filmmaker, but must be a film professional, ie. work in the film industry in some capacity. If you are a funder reach out separately to seminar@blackstarfest.org.