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Nile Shareef-Trudeau

Administrative Coordinator

A headshot of Nile. She has an afro and gold earrings. Her expression is straight-faced and focused.

Virgin Islands-born but 100% Philly-bred, Nile proudly hails from Germantown, Philly, USA. Nile immersed herself into the world of Blackstar via internship as a high school CTE/Film student fueled by her passion for film, Philly, and all things Black. She is a multi-talented visual artist who is practiced in drawing, photography and videography and aspires to become a filmmaker. She has done freelance work in all of the above fields.

Earlier this year Nile secured several production assistant jobs which led to her current position as Blackstar’s Office Assistant. Prior to working with Blackstar, Nile spent 2 years in retail at her neighborhood thrift store.

In her spare time she thrifts, models, and makes a banging vegan cheesecake.