Artist to Artist: A Conversation Between a Filmmaker and Subject

August 4, 2012

Join director, Steve Zegans, and rock-soul singer, Res, the artist at the center of his new work, The Res Documentary, for a special conversation between filmmaker and subject. This will be a rare opportunity to hear both perspectives on a critical issue in documentary film – how the filmmaker portrays their subject. Steve and Res will share their experience of working together to bring audiences this up-close story of the highs and lows of her life as an independent recording artist. What is it like to be a subject where the intimacies of your life are being captured for the world to see? How were decisions made about what and what not to shoot? How can the filmmaker stay true to their subject while making a compelling story for the audience? This conversation will be moderated by filmmaker Chakka Reeves, co-founder of the Free Film Collective.


About The Res Documentary

Ever loved a recording artist and wonder whatever happened them? Res (Shareese Ballard) is a wildly talented soul -rock singer who released her major label debut (“How I Do”) in 2001. Singles like “Ice King” received substantial radio play and the album has gone on to be considered a cult classic. Res completed work on a second album (Black Girls Rock!), which would be ultimately shelved. This provoked Res to break away from her label and go independent. During this time, working on new music with Talib Kweli under the name “Idle Warship” kept Res busy. In 2008, Res officially moved back east and started creating new music in Philly and New York City. Following Res from 2010 to present the “Res Documentary” gives us a performance filled, up close look at the highs and lows of being an independent recording artist after being signed to a major label.


About Steve Zegans

Steve Zegans has worked for DreamWorks in animation (“Shrek 2”) and features (“Norbit”, “Transformers”) Later, Steve became a creative executive for Ozla Films (“The Ring) where he’s a co producer on “Haunted Song” produced by Phoenix Pictures (“Black Swan”). Based in Manhattan, Steve started the production company Laurette Lane.  Laurette Lane is developing a TV series with Ish Entertainment and is in post-production for the upcoming “The Res Documentary”. He is represented by The Abrams Agency.