Awesomely (Shorts Program)

Friday, August 3 • 2:00 PM

Existential crises abound in these stories about Black men as they work out surprise kinks. Quirky wit is key as these shorts invite us to journey with characters overcoming their own head trips.


8 Million Miles From Hintahood

Dir. Justin Denis • United States, 2018, 15 min.

In the midst of an existential crisis, a Hip Hop visionary drops out of grad school and moves to the OG necropolis known as Hintahood– where he hopes to uncover the mysterious roots of its revolutionary cultural energy.

Philadelphia Premiere


Egyptian Brain

Dir. Temitope Olutunmbi • United States, 2017, 5 min.

Music video for Chazz Giovanni’s Egyptian Brain

World Premiere


Pas Honteux (Not Ashamed)

Dir. John D. Tucker • United States, 2017, 45 min.

Pas Honteux (Not ashamed) is a dark comedy in which social expectations meets willful stupidity that plays like an exhilarating gift, This film is Friday meets French New Wave.