Aug. 5

12:30 PM


Beyond My Skin

Dir. Aniya Wolf

Adapted from the Short Film SKIN, Beyond My Skin is the teenage story of three best friends who are each experiencing dilemmas at home and at school, and depend on each other and Rutherford Creek as a source of support. Devin (Cole Selby), who is gender non-conforming, falls in love with the popular boy, Mason (JJ Becerra), who he thinks accepts him for who he is. Olive, (Isabella Ferreira) who has an overbearing mother, uses social media as an escape to talk to guys after making a mistake in the 8th grade. Being molested by her step father for years, Brynn (Jabriah Anderson), attempts to protect her little sister Trinity (Deysha Nelson), from his actions.

United States Premiere

83 min.