Breathe Again

August 3, 2012

Dir. Kurt Orderson, South Africa, 72 min.


Kurt Orderson will be present for Q&A after the screening!

On 27 February 1986, Derrick Orderson, a marginalized swimmer from the Cape Flats, swam a time of 25.81 seconds in the 50m Freestyle, 2 seconds under the world record at the time, yet he was prevented from representing his country on the world stage. This film tells the story of Orderson’s world record setting feats, his humbleness, and perseverance. Yet, it not only focuses on the individual, but also honors and reminds us of all our other forgotten sporting and social activists, while highlighting the unique revolutionary role that the South African Council on Sport (SACOS) played during these troubled times in our recent past. SACOS was formed in 1973. With its slogan “No normal sport in an abnormal society” opposed racism in sport and organized many sportsmen and women into a political movement that actively opposed apartheid laws and brought international attention to the oppressive political situation in South Africa with a focus on discriminatory sporting practices. The film explores an expression of the intersection between the personal and the political for a black sportsperson growing up in abnormal society, who despite inhumane prejudice excelled, and still continues to monitor and participate in the transformation of sports in the post-Apartheid era, today.