Created by Brandon Pankey
Written by Davian Peat


Would You Be Mine? is a half-hour comedy-drama about Terrance Wayne’s journey of love, career and friendship. It all starts with the young, successful marketing executive standing at the altar awaiting his beautiful bride. However, we don’t see this bride and the story of who Terrance chooses as his wife unfolds over a long flashback that encompasses the entire series. Terrance’s best friends during this time are Sharif, a talented but immature music producer; and Lisa, a stunning Philadelphia socialite attending law school. In the beginning; Terrance is an intern at the powerful Blake Montgomery marketing firm in Philadelphia and is in a budding relationship with Renee Covington, a centered, altruistic elementary school teacher. Terrance is smart and charming and quickly earns the respect of Barry (the firm’s President), Jason White (the firm’s most valuable executive), and Brittany Wright; a fiercely ambitious junior marketing associate new to the company. The question in Season 1 will be: Can Terrance successfully balance the often conflicting demands of friendship, career, and romance in the fast, concrete, winner-take-all city of Philadelphia?

Pilot Episode Synopsis

The episode begins with Terrance at the altar on his wedding day. As his mystery bride walks down the aisle; Terrance reflects on the path that brought him to this point in life. He begins his story with the day that his friend Lisa reluctantly agrees to meet his new girlfriend Renee only if Terrance dumps all of the other women he is dating. Terrance obliges and Lisa and his other best friend Sharif accompany him on his break up mission.

About Davian Peat

Davian Peat is a playwright, screenwriter, novelist, poet, & songwriter. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York; the ambitious scribe aims to produce work that is lush with wit & a biting sense of humor. His debut stage play, “One Nation Under God” premiered at the Players Theatre in New York City on April 6, 2012. Davian Peat has read his poetry at the Brooklyn Book Festival and has been published in Don Diva Magazine, Urban Ink Magazine,,, Adafi, and Legacy Volumes One & Two. He is currently writing and producing the web sitcom, “Roomies”.


About Brandon Pankey

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Join director, Steve Zegans, and rock-soul singer, Res, the artist at the center of his new work, The Res Documentary, for a special conversation between filmmaker and subject. This will be a rare opportunity to hear both perspectives on a critical issue in documentary film – how the filmmaker portrays their subject. Steve and Res will share their experience of working together to bring audiences this up-close story of the highs and lows of her life as an independent recording artist. What is it like to be a subject where the intimacies of your life are being captured for the world to see? How were decisions made about what and what not to shoot? How can the filmmaker stay true to their subject while making a compelling story for the audience? This conversation will be moderated by filmmaker Chakka Reeves, co-founder of the Free Film Collective.


About The Res Documentary

Ever loved a recording artist and wonder whatever happened them? Res (Shareese Ballard) is a wildly talented soul -rock singer who released her major label debut (“How I Do”) in 2001. Singles like “Ice King” received substantial radio play and the album has gone on to be considered a cult classic. Res completed work on a second album (Black Girls Rock!), which would be ultimately shelved. This provoked Res to break away from her label and go independent. During this time, working on new music with Talib Kweli under the name “Idle Warship” kept Res busy. In 2008, Res officially moved back east and started creating new music in Philly and New York City. Following Res from 2010 to present the “Res Documentary” gives us a performance filled, up close look at the highs and lows of being an independent recording artist after being signed to a major label.


About Steve Zegans

Steve Zegans has worked for DreamWorks in animation (“Shrek 2”) and features (“Norbit”, “Transformers”) Later, Steve became a creative executive for Ozla Films (“The Ring) where he’s a co producer on “Haunted Song” produced by Phoenix Pictures (“Black Swan”). Based in Manhattan, Steve started the production company Laurette Lane.  Laurette Lane is developing a TV series with Ish Entertainment and is in post-production for the upcoming “The Res Documentary”. He is represented by The Abrams Agency.

Presented by the Leeway Foundation

Writer, director, producer, and entertainment industry pioneer Ava DuVernay will talk about her work and strategies for creating a voice for African American filmmakers in the mainstream Hollywood industry. She will screen an exclusive 20-minute excerpt from her current film, the critically acclaimed Middle of Nowhere, for which she became the first African American to be awarded the prize for Best Directing at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Ava has quickly become a champion for independent filmmakers, specifically for women and people of color. In 2010, she launched the African-American Film Releasing Movement (AFFRM), a groundbreaking distribution company dedicated to diverse cinematic images, whose mission is to empower black filmmakers through a means of theatrical distribution beyond the studio system and connect their work with eager audiences.

This program is offered free of charge, but registration is required.
Eventbrite - A Conversation with Ava DuVernay

About Ava

Ava DuVernay made her feature directorial debut with the critically acclaimed 2008 hip-hop documentary, This is The Life. Winner of Audience Awards in Toronto, Los Angeles and Seattle, the film was released theatrically and debuted on Showtime in April 2009. The Los Angeles Times raved, This Is the Life vaults into the upper echelons of must-see hip-hop documentaries.” In 2010, she wrote, produced and directed the feature, I Will Follow, starring Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Omari Hardwick, and Beverly Todd. Released theatrically in 2011, the family drama was hailed by critic Roger Ebert as “one of the best films I’ve seen about the loss of a loved one.”

DuVernay directed and produced three network music documentaries in 2010. My Mic Sounds Nice, a definitive history of female hip hop artists, which was BET Networks’ first original music documentary; Essence Music Festival 2010, a two-hour concert film, and Faith Through The Storm, about women who have reclaimed their lives after personal devastation during Hurricane Katrina, both for TV One. Most recently, DuVernay completed principal photography on her second narrative feature, Middle of Nowhere, which will be released in October 2012.

Previously, DuVernay worked in the world of film as a marketer and publicist for more than 14 years, forming DVA Media + Marketing in 1999. Her award-winning firm provided strategy and execution for more than 120 film and television campaigns for acclaimed directors such as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Michael Mann, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Bill Condon, Raoul Peck and Gurinder Chadha. A UCLA graduate, DuVernay is the founder of AFFRM, the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement and a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. She is based in Los Angeles.

Written by Serena Reeder

“The heroes aren’t always pure and the villains aren’t always evil”


This quote opens our film and sets in motion the drama surrounding, AARIF WASHINGTON, our story’s main character, who is on the road to redemption yet darkness lights his way. He and his neighborhood friends form an unstructured vigilante gang that engages in selling drugs and petty crimes. After a member is murdered, the gang finds a temporary remedy to their malaise by avenging his honor through violence. Violence begets more violence and AARIF’S fate is questionable. What choice for his future will he make- good or bad?


During the aftermath of the crack-cocaine era which erupted in the late seventies, substance abuse along with violence and failing socio-economic systems, cast a dubious shadow over the nations’s capital, Washington DC, By the nineties, there was overwhelming momentum to “clean up” the streets, through stringent policing and eminent gentrification. Unfortunately, a full emotional recovery of the city’s African-American generational residents never happened. GENERAL is a high octane urban drama that explores the continuation of conflict that permeates those living in inner cities.


About Serena Reeder


Serena has captivated global audiences time and time again with her authentic performances and undeniable talent.

Graduating from the internationally renowned Juilliard School, a Washington D.C. native, Serena Reeder’s talent was unquestionable. Two months before graduating she booked her first role in a major feature film. Jim Sheridan’s (‘My Left Foot’ and “In America’) directed Serena as Katrina in the 50 Cent biopic, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin.’ Her character, a drug dealing, fast talking, loving mother earned her outstanding reviews in some of the industry’s most notable publications like USA Today and The Hollywood Reporter. Working alongside Academy Award nominee Terrance Howard (‘Crash’), Serena gained experience on a major set, while creating a name for herself in Hollywood.

There was no doubt that she was destined to stardom as she quickly signed on to the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival favorite ‘The Architect,’ alongside Anthony LaPalgia and Isabella Rosselini. Serena played opposite her mentor, Academy Award nominee, Viola Davis as her privileged and educated daughter, Cammie. The film gained critical acclaim as it explored political, sexual and class issues, pushing the barrier of storytelling.

‘WEAPONS,’ directed by newcomer Adam Bhala Lough, presented a new character challenge. Serena came out on top with her portrayal of Darnelle, a teenage girl with hope and no guidance turning to drugs and prostitution for love, indulged by a circle of friends played by Nick Cannon and Paul Dano.

Her ‘life changing’ role came when she accepted a part in ‘The Bucket List,’ opposite Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The critically-acclaimed Rob Reiner directed the film about two men in the dawn of their lives. These iconic Hollywood artists showed Serena that ‘paying her dues’ and ‘hard work’ is the only way to truly reach success.

Acting is not the only talent Serena possess. She wrote and produced a short film ‘May Fly,’ directed by Petter Ringbom , starring herself and Gustaf Skarsgaard. The film premiered at the Swedish Film Festival and won the audience award for Best Short.

A pioneer in the making, SERENA REEDER has begun to compel her audiences and challenges stereotypes in her young career with the roles that she has chosen to play. An actress and screenwriter, Ms. Reeder has a fabulous energy that exudes grace, confidence and a zest for living.

Join a diverse panel of accomplished media makers for a dialogue about today’s independent media landscape.

How do they approach financing their projects and where do they find their audiences? How do their backgrounds in other fields inform their work in media? What does it take to produce work that is commercially viable? From backgrounds as diverse as law, radio, music, and theater, these directors, writers, and producers will discuss how they use their creativity, innovation, and persistence to chart new paths to audiences both inside and outside of the mainstream.

Participants will discuss the latest in production, distribution, and marketing practices and reflect on the changing climate of the industry. The audience can join in the discussion via Twitter and in person and learn about key issues affecting multicultural communities in the fields of film, television, and web programming.

The roundtable will begin with a screening of the independent web series The PuNanny Diaries and Milk + Honey.

Panelists include: Radha Blank (SEED), Phil Branch (PuNanny Diaries), Fatin Dantzler (Kindred the Family Soul), James Elam, Jovan Goldstein, Nadine Patterson (Tango MacBeth), and Reggie Wright. It will be moderated by Envy McKee.