Aug. 23

11:30 AM

Feature Documentary

Daughters Of (In Our Mothers’ Gardens)

Dir. Shantrelle Patrice Lewis

Since the beginning of time, Black women have sown seeds of survival into their daughters. Daughters Of, powered by GirlTrek, examines the immediate and critical importance of self-care and healing for Black women through the lens of their mamas’ mamas’ mamas. So we call their names to reclaim their stories.

World Premiere


64 min.

United States, 2020

Screens with:

Short Documentary

Wash Day

Dir. Kourtney Jackson
10 mins, Canada, 2020

The act of washing one’s hair and body serves as the touchstone for Wash Day. As they get ready for the day, three young Black women discuss the public perception of their Blackness in its relation to their personal journeys in cultivating a strong sense of self.

U.S. Premiere