Aug. 5

11:00 AM

Distribution (Filmmakers Only)

Always a hot topic for filmmakers, distribution can now take place through innumerable avenues–theatrical, online, digital, etc. With the advent of distribution companies that are specifically dedicated to the distribution of films by People of Color, the possibilities are even greater. In this panel we hope to engage with best practice and innovative ideas. Let’s consider the ways that filmmakers of all levels can get strategic about markets and distribution! This panel is for filmmakers only. Registration is required.


Darrell Miller

Kay Shaw

Kay Shaw Kay Shaw is NBPC’s Director of Programming and Acquisition and responsible for acquiring serial web content for and broadcast content for public television, including the NBPC branded PBS series “AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange.” Her portfolio also includes NBPC 360 a new development program that incubates pilot series for broadcast and web. Previously, she managed NBPC’s engagement campaign for the PBS series “180 Days: Hartsville” and directed the Public Media Corps (PMC), NBPC’s community engagement and public media fellowship program. As PMC director, Shaw developed the media production and digital literacy training curriculum and materials; organized workshops; prepared grants for collaborative programs with public media and community partners; and managed the PMC Fellows program. Prior to joining NBPC, Shaw served as director of communications for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) where she was responsible for: writing and organizing material for the organization’s first website; coordinating the branding initiative; overseeing all external communications, including press relations, publications and online; and producing all in-house videos. Previously, Shaw marshaled her media skills into a successful career promoting and distributing black independent films for theatrical release, including Sundance award-winning PBS films such as “Finding Christa” and “Black Press Soldiers without Swords,” and Marlon Riggs’ last documentary “Black Is…Black Ain’t.” Shaw also managed the theatrical release and marketing of Haile Gerima’s critically acclaimed film, “SANKOFA,” which at the time was the highest grossing independently distributed theatrical release. In addition, she produced an award-winning teen public affairs radio program, “Teen Talk,” was a contributing producer to the award-winning video, “Voices Against Violence,” and an assistant to the director on the independent feature, “The Mapmaker’s Wife.”

Keesha Boyd

Layne Eskridge

Lendl Tellington


Filmmaking and photography require a balance between economy and emotion. There are a million tools one can use during a production. I find myself only using the methods that best serve the narrative at hand. What’s most vital is having a genuine connection to the ideas, individuals and communities in front of and behind the camera.  Whether it’s writing a scripted film, shooting a documentary or editing a commercial, my versatility makes me a hands-on collaborator from conception to completion. When I am not behind the camera, I produce a film & music series and collect way too many magazines.