April 10 – May 24, 2019 • Leonard Pearlstein Gallery

L-R: Complex Movements and Siwatu-Salama Ra, Kites on Kites: Shadow to Sky, 2019, and MVMT (Terence Nance, Naima Ramos-Chapman, Janae Williams, Anthony Bartlett, Djore Nance, Emile Mosseri, White People Won’t Save You, 2018. Photo: Constance Mensh.


In an attempt to disrupt notions of principality and authorship, Assemblage is interested in works created collectively. How do we identify the most important voice—whose voice gets amplified and under what circumstances. Whom are we addressing and how do we wish to be addressed? How does this disrupt or challenge the status quo (or not)? Contemporary culture most often places value on authoritative individual (master) voices—when often those voices rely upon the work of others to exist. In an attempt to de-center the focus on solo auteurs as preferred makers, Assemblage looks to highlight works by collectives or collaborative projects made by several artists. All of the artists featured in the show move in and out of disciplines, cities, and venues—defying categorization or genre, much like the show’s curator. There is an interest in de-colonizing authorship but also genre and discipline and moving away from a focus on outmoded (or at least contested) field structures including mentorship, mastery, and genius.

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Ayesha Jordan, Abigail DeVille and Charlotte Brathwaite; BARETEETH collective in collaboration with Ash Richards and Marie Alarcón; Complex Movements (Sage Crump, Carlos L05 Garcia, Wesley Taylor, Waajeed, ill Weaver) with Siwatu-Salama Ra; MVMT (Terence Nance, Naima Ramos-Chapman, Janae Williams, Anthony Bartlett, Djore Nance, Emile Mosseri); SiriusShapeShifters (Meena Murugesan & d. Sabela Grimes); TNEG (Elissa Blount Moorhead, Arthur Jafa, Malik Sayeed)


Maori Karmael Holmes