August 3 – September 8, 2017 • Leonard Pearlstein Gallery


L-R: Kevin Jerome Everson, Three Quarters, 2015, Sosena Solomon, Itifworq/Double Gold, 2017, and Kahlil Joseph, Process, 2017. Photo: Constance Mensh.


Lossless is an exploration of Black and Brown bodies as a site of compression, considering the ways that labor, illusion, loss, lineage, and personhood are imagined and re-constructed. Chiefly featuring BlackStar alumni filmmakers who have dismantled and reassembled conventions of cinema and video art to create new experiences with the moving image. Featured are works in installation, video, 16mm, online space, and 3-D environments. The exhibition will also include a performance by Terence Nance and Norvis Junior of 18 Black Girls Ages 1-18 Who Have Arrived at the Singularity and are Thus Spiritual Machines: $8 in an edition of $97,000,000,000,000 on August 3. The exhibition’s title refers to the common term in audio production but is also reflecting upon ways to discuss absence in stories of trauma and nostalgia and additionally considering manifestations of resistance.

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Razan AlSalah, Kevin Jerome Everson, ja’tovia gary, Roni Nicole Henderson, Kahlil Joseph, Terence Nance, Sosena Solomon


Maori Karmael Holmes