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Filmmaker Daniela Muñoz Barroso, who is almost completely deaf, wants to discover the identity of the remarkable musician Mafifa. Her quest leads her on the trail of an enigmatic woman, and also makes her question her own head and heart.

Directors Spotlight

Daniela Muñoz Barroso


(Havana, 1994) Documentary filmmaker, producer, and cinematographer. She is a Cinematography Graduate from Cuba’s Universidad de las Artes. She Co-founded Havana-based indie production company Estudio ST. She produced and or directed several short films. Her medium-length documentary, ¿Qué remedio? La Parranda (60′, 2018), premiered nationally at Havana Film Festival. Mafifa is her debut feature-length documentary. It had its world premiere at IDFA, 2021.

  • Year: 2021
  • Runtime: 77 minutes
  • Country: Cuba
  • Language: Spanish
  • Director: Daniela Muñoz Barroso
  • Cinematographer: Daniela Muñoz Barroso
  • Editor: Joanna Montero
  • Music: Sarah Gutiérrez, Pepe Gavilondo
  • Producer: Daniela Muñoz Barroso, Leila Montero
  • Screenwriter: Daniela Muñoz Barroso, Carlos Melián Moreno & Joanna Montero
  • Sound Design: Glenda L. Martínez Cabrera
  • Premiere: Philadelphia

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