R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Balancing Power and Care in Doc Filmmaking

Virtual Event

With Natalie Bullock-Brown, Sonya Childress, Michelle Lanier, Twiggy Pucci-Garcon, Poh Si Teng and Dr. Kameelah Rashad


In the face of 2020’s intersectional reckonings, a movement of independent filmmakers and other documentary field stakeholders rose up to reshape the nonfiction industry in profound ways — from dismantling barriers in the field to advancing new, non-extractive, healing-centered approaches to storytelling. Last year, a group of colleagues desiring to activate more concrete change within the documentary field came together to craft a framework for values-based filmmaking. Over 100 stakeholders and film participants have weighed in on that framework. Join the Documentary Accountability Working Group as they share the evolution of their vision alongside a filmmaker, a film participant, a funder and mental health professional, all of whose work embodies the spirit of a liberatory approach to documentary film.

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