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Atopias: The Homeless Wanderer

  • Trigger warning: Flashing lights
    Trigger Warning

Atopias: The Homeless Wanderer is the second part of Daniela Yohannes’ Atopias trilogy, which grapples with geographies of migration, generational memory and trauma. Yohannes plays a woman wandering the harsh, natural landscapes of the Caribbean in search of a transtormational portal.

Directors Spotlight

Daniela Yohannes


Daniela Yohannes is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work reflects upon the racialised movement and conditional belonging of African diaspora, using her own Ethiopian-Eritrean heritage as a lens. Through abstract portraiture and storytelling across multiple media, Yohannes explores the overlap of individual and collective subconscious and desire, and the destruction caused by displacement. Her work dwells on alternative Black realities, considering the bonds between herself, her family and other communities through magical symbolism.

Julien Beramis


Julien Beramis is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Guadeloupe and France. His work combines acting, writing, directing, music, and performance. He uses these disciplines as tools to explore the complex history of the island. He uses intuitive writing, observations of nature, and pushes the limits of his body through dance and performance to reach a trance and pathways for healing.

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 27 minutes
  • Country: Guadeloupe
  • Language: English, Italian, Tigrinya
  • Director: Daniela Yohannes and Julien Beramis
  • Cinematographer: Wally Fall
  • Composer: Basile Andrieu
  • Editor: Julien Béramis
  • Sound Design: Julien Béramis
  • Premiere: Philadelphia

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