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In Réunion, runaway slaves, gone to live free in the heights of the island, build a kingdom: the interior kingdom. In this place steeped in the invisible, they will enter into connection with Gromonmon.

Directors Spotlight

Laurent Pantaleon


After a Literary Bachelor’s Degree specialised in Audiovisual and Cinema, Laurent Pantaléon passes the French National Engineering & Technology Diploma from the La Réunion École des Beaux Arts. Then he starts his business as a photographer and film maker specialised in the reunioneese heritage and identity. In 2004, he directs several of his films in the Kino movment. This is when he finds his own style: pictures and parables, storytelling, are essential in his filmmaking style. For him the most important thing is not the story but the way you tell the tale. He built his first short using this classical, south-to-south way of making films. La face cachée du Père Noël is a poetic piece of work, culturally involved and deeply rooted in Reunion Island’s reality. Not only has this film had an amazing receiving into several festivals, but it had been selected for the biggest African film festival, the FESPACO. His two other short-films, Baba sifon and MADA, were also nominated for the FESPACO in 2019 and 2021. Gromonmon is his fourth short.

  • Year: 2022
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Country: Réunion
  • Language: Réunion Creole
  • Director: Laurent Pantaleon
  • Premiere: United States

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