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Pacific Club

  • Trigger warning: Mild sexual content, may not be suitable for children
    Trigger Warning

In 1979, the Pacific Club opened in the basement of La Défense, the business district of Paris. It was the first nightclub for Arabs from the suburbs. Azedine, 17 years old at the time, tells us the forgotten story of this club and of this generation who dreamed of integrating into France.

Directors Spotlight

Valentin Noujaïm


Born in France to Lebanese and Egyptian parents, Valentin Noujaïm is a graduate in political science of the Institut d’études politiques, Lille, FR (2015) and in screenwriting of La Fémis, Paris, FR (2020). Noujaïm’s work focuses on three axes: anti-racist movements, spatial utopias, and the disappearance of communities and individuals. He brings to life marginal and strange characters, in fantasized universes inspired by the genre of tale, while relying on a research on formats, by mixing DV, 16mm, digital and special effects. Marked by social and post-colonial issues, his work questions the relationships of power and domination that are at stake in French society, through the prism of a strong ideal: revolutionary love or the love of revolution.

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Country: France, Qatar
  • Language: French
  • Director: Valentin Noujaïm
  • Cast: Azedine Benabdelmouene, Taos Bertrand, Julien Mezence
  • Cinematographer: Pauline Domejean
  • Editor: Dinah Ekchajzer
  • Music: Space Afrika
  • Producer: Manon Messiant
  • Screenwriter: Valentin Noujaïm
  • Premiere: North America

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