Aug. 20

10:00 AM

Shorts Program: Gravitaxis

The metaphysics of physical dislocation.

85 mins.

Q&A to follow

Short Documentary

After Migration: Calabria

Dir. Walé Oyéjidé & Jake Saner
21 mins, Italy, 2019

A triumphant portrait of a boy who left his home in The Gambia at the age of 15, and a Nigerian single-mother who birthed her child in a refugee camp, as they transcend their difficult histories while integrating into a quiet region of southern Italy.

Philadelphia Premiere




Dir. Walter Mzengi
10 mins, South Africa, 2019

Facing a dire situation, a woman flees her badly governed homelands; heading north with the desperate dream of finding a better life. Although she later discovers that to be fully accepted into the community, means losing a part of herself.


Short Narrative


Dir. Marie Jamora
16 mins, United States, Philippines, 2019

Maya is a cover band singer in a Las Vegas casino-hotel lounge trying to connect with her daughter who is growing up in the Philippines without her. Wrestling between her passion for songwriting and becoming a pop-culture photocopy for an un-listening audience, she realizes that music – the one thing that keeps them distant – can also bring them closer together.

Philadelphia Premiere


Short Narrative


Dir. Suha Araj
23 mins, United States, 2020

While working at her aunt’s flower shop, Rosa takes her job underground when she begins a side business of shipping undocumented bodies to their home countries for burial.

World Premiere

Nominated for Best Short Narrative