Johnny Popcorn Next Episode by Hezekiah

August 3, 2012

Dir. Joshua Coyne, USA, 4 min
Music Video

FUNK/SOUL has been arranged and dragged so much it had aged prematurely. 2011 may have offered a revival when “Johnny Popcorn” offered a drug with impact more potent than domestic painkillers. Lead vocalist and song writer Hezekiah is no stranger to the music industry with three full length solo albums as a hip hop artist. Aided by Bass Guitarist and producer Tony Whitfield the “Johnny Popcorn” offers its own formula, a concoction of highly fueled croons, layered with their own views on topics ranging from teenage growing pains, masturbation, weed, and humdrum suburbia and family values. When personal careers periodically got too stressful the duo would record some “Johnny jams”. The name was inspired by the duo jokingly adding the name JOHNNY POPCORN to lists at open mics. The crowd responded and that’s when they realized Johnny was a substance that deserved its own ego.