Aug. 22

7:30 PM

Shorts Program: Kinetic

Redistributing energy to fuel movement, a bodies politic.

82 mins.

Q&A to follow


Origin of Hair

Dir. Carrie Hawks
2 mins, France, United States, 2019

Speculating about the birth of Rock and Roll and the best curl pattern. This film explores Black queer identity and self acceptance as a pathway to personal utopia. Origin of Hair culls from Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s legacy as a Black queer woman in the 50s claiming power through music and self-love.

East Coast Premiere


In Hot Time

Dir. Leah Solomon & Jesus Hilario-Reyes
15 mins, United States, Eritrea, Puerto Rico, 2019

In Hot Time is the convergence of black diasporic traditions, rituals, pasts, and reimagining utilizing the symbolic space of the whirlwind…It’s a prayer, It’s the unadulterated feeling of spinning-spinning so fast that the world collapses onto itself. It’s that feeling without the sickness.

East Coast Premiere

Short Documentary

Legendary: 30 Years of Philly Ballroom

Dir. Raishad Hardnett, Lauren M. Schneiderman & Cassie Owens
19 mins, United States, 2019

An inside look into the effort to preserve Philadelphia’s ballroom scene, a Black and Latinx LGBTQ safe-space that has endured for 30 years.

World Premiere

Nominated for Best Short Documentary


Short Documentary


Dir. Stephanie Owens
12 mins, United States, 2020

Ballet isn’t easy, and 11-year old Aedan knows it. As he prepares for his first solo ballet competition, full of blossoming drive, seasoned ballet professionals reflect on their own transformative journeys with ballet. Together, they process the challenges and rewards of this demanding art form.

World Premiere


All that you Can’t Leave Behind

Dir. Ufuoma Essi
15 mins, United Kingdom, 2019

All That You Can’t Leave Behind is an experimental appropriated video archive film that explores the relationship between Black women’s collective experience with music, history, and the act of reclamation.

Philadelphia Premiere

Short Narrative

We Can’t Cop Cars Without Seeing Cop Cars

Dir. Fahamu Pecou
4 mins, United States, 2020

The project explores the notion of Black leisure by highlighting spaces where Black men can experience freedom, autonomy, and joy. We Can’t Cop… uses cars as an allegorical as well as a literal suggestion of movement and escapism. 

World Premiere