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Season 3

Everyone's talking about Season 3 of Many Lumens! Get excited for the return of the podcast — premiering April 19, 2023 — and 10 new conversations between host Maori Karmael Holmes and the most groundbreaking artists, change makers, and cultural workers.

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BlackStar Projects, home of Many Lumens and the BlackStar Film Festival, creates the spaces and resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown and Indigenous artists working outside the confines of genre. Learn more at

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Yaba Blay:
Hey girlfriend, it’s your bestie and your Blackie, Dr. Yaba Blay calling to say what up, what it do, and make it do what it do. Have an amazing new season of Many Lumens.

Terence Nance:
I’m Terence Nance. Hello Maori. Congratulations on season three. Many Lumens lighting away as you do bringing your light.

Imani Perry:
Hey Mae, this is Iani. I am calling to wish you all the best with season three. I’m calling you the quiet storm because you have that sweet, soft voice and a major impact with everything that you do. And your interviews are so fun and probing and insightful and profound. And

Jason Reynolds:
This is Jason Reynolds. And I just want to say, yo, mayor Oram, I’m, I can’t wait for season three of many lumens, you know what I mean? It’s probably my one at least it’s one of my favorite podcasts, if not my favorite podcast. Just because I feel like you be talking to the people that we really be wanting to hear from.

dream hampton:
Hey, this is dreamy Fresh aka dream hampton. I love being a guest on many Lumens and I love listening to you talk to other folks even more. And one of my favorites was you talking to your fellow Philly OG and my Virgo sister Sonya Sanchez. And you just asked a simple question. You, you’re like, my producer found this moment where you talked about Haiku saving your life at 21, and you asked her what else was going on in your life at 21, which led her to then tell you about getting this blue suit and these blue heels and showing up for her first job a half hour early, like a

Amy Reynolds:
Maori, what’s up? It’s Amy. It’s one 20 in the morning and I’m craving solo vegetarian. I miss you. Love you. You want to hop on a plane? Go to the one in Chicago or Atlanta, let me know. Bye.

Astria Suparak:
Hey Mary, it’s Astria Superak. You’ve put together this incredible collection of brilliant inkers shakers and makers for many women’s and I can’t wait to hear season three. Just calling to send you lucky rabbits, clovers, and horseshoes.

Tunde Way:
Hey, this is Tunde Way, happy New Year and all the best in season three. Yeah, thank you for having me. And I was really glad to be able to share my little story and you were great at pulling out things from me that I wasn’t expecting to say. So all the best in the new season and can’t wait to listen. Cheers from Lagos.

Maori Karmael Holmes:
Thank you so much. Friends. Season three of many Lumens with me, may Carmel Holmes is coming soon with 10 new episodes produced by Black Star Projects. This is a podcast where we chat with some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists, change makers and cultural workers, finding meaning in the intersections of art, social change, and popular culture. We’ll be dropping episodes weekly starting on April 19th. Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcast and learn more about the show and hear past [email protected].