Aug 5

International House



A Conversation between Zeinabu irene Davis and Christine Turner

Zeinabu irene Davis is a filmmaker, writer and professor. Her interests include altering and diversifying the terrain of mass media, film history, world cinema and folklore. Her 1999 feature film Compensation—bookended the heyday of the Black New Wave with bold formal experiments incorporating markers of silent cinema into contemporary explorations of friendship, social inequality, and Black experience. She will be joined in conversation by filmmaker and documentary television producer Christine Turner. They will discuss Davis’ most recent documentary feature Spirits of Rebellion, Turner’s short narrative You Can Go, and the legacy of black women filmmakers in independent cinema.

About the Artists

Zeinabu irene Davis

Zeinabu irene Davis is a narrative, documentary, and experimental filmmaker and professor in the Department of Communication at the University of California, San Diego. Her films are often categorized in the genre of black feminism, and she has achieved many accolades for her perspective of the black feminine perspective.

Davis directed the film Cycles (1989), an experimental short which earned her an awards from the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and the National Black Programming Consortium. Her following works, A Period Piece (1991), A Powerful Thang (1991), Mother of a River (1995) and Compensation (1999) continued to garner her awards from numerous organizations and festivals, including the Gordan Parks Award for Best Director from the Independent Feature Project. Her latest film, Spirits of Rebellion, is a documentary  that gathers fellow L.A. Rebellion filmmakers and explores topics in African American film.

Christine Turner

Christine Turner is a filmmaker and documentary television producer.  After receiving her bachelors of fine arts from New York University, she began her career working with Bill Moyers’ Public Affairs Television and Stanley Nelson’s Firelight Media.  Over the years she’s collaborated on a number of series and documentary specials with some of New York’s leading non-fiction production companies including HBO, Part2 Pictures and Left/Right.

Recently, Christine founded Peralta Pictures in order to produce and direct her independent films, including the critically-acclaimed documentary Homegoings, which premiered at Documentary Fortnight at MoMA and aired nationally on the PBS series, POV.  Her narrative short You Can Go, a selection of the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, is currently on the festival circuit.