Aug. 25

7:30 PM

Shorts Program: Nimbus

Holy and turbulent, the travails of parenthood.

105 mins.

Q&A to follow


Short Narrative

Black Boy Joy

Dir. Martina Lee
18 mins, United States, 2019

Black Boy Joy is an introspective slice of life story about two generations of Black men, living within the same household, juggling the demands of raising a young son with autism while adapting to their new normal after the death of a loved one.

Philadelphia Premiere

Nominated for Best Short Narrative



Short Documentary

The Heart Still Hums

Dir. Savanah Leaf & Taylor Russell
29 mins, United States, 2019

A documentary short, following five women as they fight for their children through the cycle of homelessness, drug addictions and neglect from their own parents. Unique, yet undoubtedly familiar to many; a story on fear, sacrifice and the unconditional love between a mother and her children.

Nominated for Best Short Documentary



Short Narrative

Safe Among Stars (安全在星中)

Dir. Jess X. Snow
10 mins, United States, 2019

After surviving sexual trauma, a queer Chinese-American woman struggles to tell her immigrant mother why she left school. As she disassociates, she develops the ability to teleport and must learn how to control her powers.

Philadelphia Premiere


Short Narrative

A Mother

Dir. Natasha Ngaiza
16 mins, United States, 2019

As a town copes with the disappearance of a little girl, a mother of two must come to terms with her own decision to abort an unexpected pregnancy.

Philadelphia Premiere

Nominated for Best Short Narrative



Short Narrative

Our Largest

Dir. Marcus Forde
6 mins, United Kingdom, 2019

A young father and son discuss nothing and anything on a clumsy gathering mission.

North America Premiere



I ran from it and was still in it

Dir. Darol Olu Kae
11 mins, United States, 2020

I ran from it and was still in it is an intimate portrait of familial loss and separation. Following the death of his father and the sudden relocation of his children, Kae combines found and original footage to explore how the autobiographical model can potentially extend beyond the personal.

East Coast Premiere

Nominated for Best Experimental Film