Aug 4

International House



This Migration Business

The theme of this year’s festival is migration. In this panel, filmmakers focusing on storytelling  about patterns of movement throughout the global south and the structures that have formed them, will both complicate and deepen our understanding of their work and others.

About the Panel

S. Blitz Bazwule

S. Blitz Bazawule, also known as Blitz the Ambassador, is a Ghanaian-American hip hop artist and visual artist. His vision incorporates his personal West African past and a revolutionary future of Afrocentric cosmopolitan influence. His recently released trilogy of music videos, Diasporadical Trilogìa, are shot in three locations- Accra, Ghana, Brooklyn, USA and Bahia, Brazil- and tells a story of love, immigration and gentrification. With the DIY skills of hip hop’s old-school and decades of musical contributions across West Africa, Blitz crafts his tracks from scratch, using heavy instrumentation and background vocals.

Eelum Dixit

Eelum Dixit is a Nepali director, producer, and actor, who up until a few years ago, focused primarily on theatrical work in the U.S. Since then, he’s spent time in Nepal making films like Red Monsoon and Beginnings, Nepali-language feature films that grapple with political unrest and personal transformation. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009, Dixit worked in the theatre scene in New York City and Connecticut for six months, before moving to Nepal. From 2010 to 2012, Dixit directed and acted in Othello, A View from the Bridge, and The Glass Menagerie, among others, before deciding to switch mediums to film.

Messay Getahun

Messay Getahun was born in Addis Ababa and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended Texas Tech, where he studied computer graphics, human sciences and family studies. Lambadina is his first feature film which he wrote, directed, produced, edited, and sound designed.

Nehad Khader

Nehad Khader is BlackStar’s program guide manager and curator of this year’s Migrations Spotlight. She is also a writer, editor, aspiring image-maker, and curator of the DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival. Trained in Palestinian and Black literature, Nehad’s interest in images revolves around more than aesthetic; she is fascinated by the interconnectedness of stories, especially by and about People of Color globally. Primarily, she considers herself to be a Palestinian documentarian. Currently she is working on a film project documenting her own family’s forced displacement out of the Middle East.