Panel Videos


Black Women, Body Image, and Hollywood

August 3, 2013

Too tall. Too short. Too fat. Too skinny. Too light. Too dark. How can Black actresses maintain a healthy sense of Self while working in an industry that defines beauty according to non-Black standards? How can decision makers in the entertainment industry, Black filmmakers and producers included, begin to broaden definitions of beauty through their casting choices? Following the screening of Though I’m Not Perfect (dir. Stacey Sargeant) and Imagine A Future (dirs. Lisa Cortés & Shola Lynch) this panel will discuss issues of body image and the struggle to perform Black beauty in Hollywood. Video courtesy of PhillyCAM.


Howard University and Visualizing Blackness

August 4, 2013

Howard University has long been referred to as “The Mecca” for many reasons. Its illustrious alumni fill the highest ranks in almost every profession. Over the past several years, film department alumni have been steadily winning awards and gaining recognition most notably for cinematography but also in directing and producing. This small department—the only of its kind at an HBCU—now celebrating the 30th year of offering the MFA, has become known for a specific politically-charged aesthetic in which students are encouraged to push beyond the boundaries of conventional cinema to re-present Black bodies masterfully and beautifully. In this panel participants will discuss the legacy of the program, the philosophy of their work and the future of Black film. Video courtesy of PhillyCAM.