Aug. 21

5:30 PM

Shorts Program: Refractive

The light in your eyes: shifts in medium, dimension, state of being, and technology.

72 mins.

Q&A to follow

Short Documentary

The Incredulity of Jacolby Satterwhite

Dir. Lorena Alvarado
9 mins, United States, 2020

In the midst of career-marking solo exhibitions in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, celebrated digital artist Jacolby Satterwhite creates his most ambitious and soul-searching work to date, candidly revealing the fears and desires that fuel his fantastical animations.



Dir. Curtis Essel
5 mins, United Kingdom, 2020

Allumuah explores the way the internet enables a lineage of aesthetics passed between African diaspora artists. Expounding on the concept of African identity and the influence technology has had on it over the decades.

East Coast Premiere




Dir. Africanus Okokon
10 mins, United States, 2019

.Srt is documentation of a performed 16mm montage film. The film is a proposal to ask us how we think of time, memory, language, spirits, and the dead in the cosmos of the African diaspora through found and manipulated film, video, camera-less animation with a live performed soundtrack.

Philadelphia Premiere

Short Documentary

Photographer in Focus: Aïda Muluneh

Dir. Adeyemi Michael
6 mins, Ethiopia, 2019

A lyrical portrait of Ethiopian artist and photographer Aïda Muluneh and her process. An elevated glance at the photographer’s arresting series Water Life, focusing on her hypnotic approach.


Black Man in the Cosmos

Dir. Kitoko Diva
18 mins, France, United Kingdom 2019

Sun Ra lands on a new planet in the outer space to seek a utopian refuge for the emancipation of the Black man. An experimental and poetical interstellar journey through the cosmos, addressing the identity crisis issue and traumas among European Afro-descendants.

North America Premiere

Nominated for Best Experimental Film


Canada Park

Dir. Razan Alsalah
9 mins, Palestine, Canada, UK, 2020

I walk on snow to fall unto the desert. I find myself on unceded indigenous territory in so called Canada, an exile unable to return to Palestine. I trespass the colonial border as a digital spectre floating through Canada Park, transplanted over three Palestinian villages razed by the Israeli military in 1967.

World Premiere