Friday, Aug. 3, 4:15 PM


Repression breeds creative resistances. Filmmakers project resistance on screen, reconstructing it in the past, recreating it in the contemporary, and conjuring it in the future. Resist! Rebel! Remember!


Where the Water Runs

Dir. Dubois N. Ashong • United States, 2017, 25 min.

Where the Water Runs tells the story of Nasir (218), a disingenuous water distribution operative and truck driver working for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power during the worst drought in LA history. On the brink of a promotion, Nasir learns of a plot spearheaded by his sister to take revolutionary action against the possible privatization of the city’s dwindling water resources. Nasir, who has adopted a blind eye approach to the company’s corruptions, must choose whether his individual survival is more important than that of his entire community.

East Coast Premiere



40th & State

Dir. Micah Watson • 2018, 14 min.

In the wake of the brutal 1955 lynching of Emmett Till, an entire church is left to grieve. What happens when mourning becomes political and fighting becomes spiritual? “40th & State” is an experimental requiem for lost Black life and exploration of the Pentecostal church.

World Premiere


Black 14

Dir. Darius Clark Monroe • United States, 2018, 15 min.

Black 14 is an archival social study examining white pathology and cognitive dissonance via media coverage of a 1969 racial protest at the University of Wyoming.

Philadelphia Premiere


The Call

Dir. Trina Michelle Robinson • United States, 2017, 4 min.

Anna French, a young African-American teacher from Kentucky, makes plans to participate in the Great Migration by moving to Chicago in 1917, following other family members who migrated to Chicago in the 1860s. She’ll be leaving generations of pain, along with memories, behind as she chooses to forget her past when migrating north.

Philadelphia Premiere


Botanical Black

Dir. Brit Fryer • United States, 2017, 5 min.

In a world where Black children who die become potted plants, a weary florist makes her last delivery.

World Premiere


Vrede (Tranquility)

Dir. Lodi Matsetela • South Africa, 2017, 14 min.

Vrede is set in apartheid South Africa in the sixties, and follows the life of Ntombizodwa, banished to live in the far flung town of Vrede, sent there to serve her house arrest sentence. Everyday becomes an exercise in anticipating the next modus of harassment the apartheid security police will use on her. Her façade impenetrable in spite of the verbal and bodily blows she receives. Inwardly her brittle mind, bruised and marbled with fissures. These two selves will be her saving grace.