Black Independent Media Roundtable

August 3, 2012

Join a diverse panel of accomplished media makers for a dialogue about today’s independent media landscape.

How do they approach financing their projects and where do they find their audiences? How do their backgrounds in other fields inform their work in media? What does it take to produce work that is commercially viable? From backgrounds as diverse as law, radio, music, and theater, these directors, writers, and producers will discuss how they use their creativity, innovation, and persistence to chart new paths to audiences both inside and outside of the mainstream.

Participants will discuss the latest in production, distribution, and marketing practices and reflect on the changing climate of the industry. The audience can join in the discussion via Twitter and in person and learn about key issues affecting multicultural communities in the fields of film, television, and web programming.

The roundtable will begin with a screening of the independent web series The PuNanny Diaries and Milk + Honey.

Panelists include: Radha Blank (SEED), Phil Branch (PuNanny Diaries), Fatin Dantzler (Kindred the Family Soul), James Elam, Jovan Goldstein, Nadine Patterson (Tango MacBeth), and Reggie Wright. It will be moderated by Envy McKee.