Shorts: Rooted


Aug 7

Pearlstein Gallery
short narrative


directed by Marques Green

A young man’s past catches up with him when his estranged wife, who suffers from bipolar disorder, returns with a child he does not know.

USA | 12 min | 2015é.jpg
short narrative

January 30th

directed by Felicia Harden-Bradford

Rocky Lands is struggling with what she has to face tomorrow and decides she must make what seems like a typical day into something special. When the sun goes down and Rocky returns home with the kids, she readies herself for the inevitable and she must decide whether to go through the experience alone or be willing to accept a helping hand.

USA | 15 min | 2014

short narrative

Little Beating Heart

directed by Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich

After moving to a new city, a woman finds herself spending the holidays alone.

USA | 10 min | 2016
short narrative


directed by Faren Humes

The killing of a transgender woman causes a rift within the small town of Sanderson, Fla., testing the bond of a conservative uncle and his effeminate nephew.

USA | 16 min | 2016

short documentary

Must All Be Fed

directed by Taryn Lee Crenshaw

Weaving past and present, the fabric of history unfolds for a contemporary Black family as the voices of two matriarchs reflect the strength of ancestry and what it truly means to “pass it on.” Threads of tradition outline a legacy of education, music and food as surviving elders trace back memories and values from old times to new.

USA | 12 min | 2015
short narrative

See My Dreams Come True

directed by Vernon Jordan, III

A poetic work exploring the relationship between Black youth and the liberating potential of an unshackled body and imagination, this is the story of two ancestor spirit children who visit a young artist’s dreams. Through their own time warping and through their own joys, they push the young artist to confront his art.

USA | 6 min | 2016

short narrative

The Sibling Code

directed by Roberta Marie Munroe

Dysfunctional but loving siblings Sheryl and Austin meet up at a funeral home to plan a funeral. Sheryl finds comfort in order and wants a beautiful mahogany casket, with satin as soft as butter and a monogram that would make Martha Stewart proud. Austin, a free-spirited hipster who spends his time creating YouTube videos of neighborhood animals, believes the ashes should be released into the wind. It is one thing for Austin and Sheryl to take each other down, but neither takes kindly to the funeral director butting in and questioning their choices. That’s the sibling code.

USA | 7 min | 2016
short documentary

that’s why HE made momma

directed by Lendl Tellington

A family comes to terms with the death of their matriarch.

USA | 11 min | 2016