Aug. 1

5:15 PM
Annenberg School

Shorts Program 1

There isn’t one way to cope with tragedy. In these short documentaries, people embark on different paths for spiritual survival.

Trigger Warning: descriptions of suicide and rape.

85 mins.

Q&A to follow

Short Documentary

The Dispossessed

Dir. Musa Syeed
8 mins, Kashmir, 2019

Hazari Saheb treats his patients with the wave of a sword, whispered scripture, and, sometimes, a smack in the face. Hazari is a traditional faith healer, renowned for curing his patients and exorcising them of evil jinn. But in Kashmir, amidst the world’s longest running conflict, nothing is as it seems.

Philadelphia Premiere

Short Documentary

Finding Elijah

Dir. Yolonda Johnson-Young
25 mins, United States, 2019

Told from a mother’s perspective, Finding Elijah follows a young man’s journey from home into mental illness, homelessness, and, ultimately, to suicide. It explores how a search for answers leads a mother to action.

World Premiere

Short Documentary

The Prophetess

Dir. Sylvie Weber
22 mins, Democratic Republic of Congo/Germany, 2018

A story of overcoming struggle through gumption and sisterhood. Furaha and Venantie have survived traumas we could never imagine, yet in each other they find strength. This strength, so great, empowers their entire female community to set out for a different future.

Philadelphia Premiere