Aug. 4

12:25 PM

Shorts Program 11

Reflections on time travel and geographic travel, and the resulting transformations of people and space.

82 mins.

Q&A to follow


Another Decade

dir. Morgan Quaintance
27 min., United Kingdom, 2019

A collage of archival video & newly shot 16mm film and DV footage, ‘Another Decade’ foregrounds the distance & powerful afinities between art world debates of the 1990s and the dynamism, vitality, and violence of cultural and political life outside institutions in London during the time.

US Premiere


Short Documentary

Ghosts of Sugar Land

dir. Bassam Tariq
22 min., United States, 2019

In Sugar Land, Texas, a group of young Muslim American men ponder the disappearance of their friend “Mark,” who is suspected of joining ISIS.

Philadelphia Premiere

Short Narrative

I Snuck Off the Slave Ship

dir. Lonnie Holley, Cyrus Moussavi
20 min., United States, 2019

Lonnie Holley, a “self-taught African American artist” and dimensional traveler, attempts to sneak off the slave ship America.

Philadelphia Premiere



memories from the future

dir. M. Asli Dukan
6 min., United States, 2019

Memories from the Future examines A Place to Live (1941), the Philadelphia Housing Authority funded and Academy Award nominated film, via a futuristic traveler searching for artifacts of its urban housing and development policy and by interweaving the narratives of both future-themed films.


Short Narrative

Riding with Aunt D. Dot

dir. Bree Gant
7 min., United States, 2018

‘Riding with Aunt D. Dot’ combines Director Bree Gant’s radical imagination, real-life woes, and experiences on the city bus to tell the story of a disillusioned Detroit artist struggling to ground herself mentally while fighting back against what may or may not be figments of her own imagination.