Aug. 2


Shorts Program 4

A spotlight on three Black artists, their lives, and the relationships that shape them.

72 mins.

Q&A to follow


Black Composer Trilogy Part I: A Quality of Light

Dir. Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich
8 mins., United States, 2018

Black Composers Trilogy Part I: A Quality of Light is the first part of a trilogy on black women artists and desire. In Part I: A Quality of Light, 2018 actress Vinie Burrows repeats a single mundane event, over and over as a voice contemplates what we can, and cannot know of our mothers.

Philadelphia Premiere


Feature Documentary

Easy Man

Dir. Jasper Cremers, Dennis de Groot, Niels Nieuborg
46 mins., The Netherlands, 2016

Easy Man explores the career of Surinamese musician and composer Ronald Snijders. With over 20 self-released albums, his music made him the figurehead of the ‘kaseko jazz’ genre in the 1970’s, and despite hard to find, remains in demand amongst DJ’s and record collectors worldwide.

United State Premiere


Short Documentary

One Day Go Be One Day

Dir. Akinola Davies, Jr.
18 mins., United Kingdom/Nigeria, 2019

Fela Kuti’s music represents a spirit of defiance, and he experiments with composition and narrative. Davies’ film references Kuti’s album art and ancestral links to mythology, within a pan-African discourse. It also looks at a pivotal moment in Kuti’s life through the eyes of his loved ones.

World Premiere