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A black-and-white photo, it shows two Ethiopian people looking into the distance. There is a decorative cloth behind them.


GENET (2022) is a tribute to my long-lost sister through a film-based Documentary Installation project in which I capture Genet’s truly remarkable life. Living with HIV is still deeply misunderstood and stigmatized in the Ethiopian diaspora and even within our family. This work attempts to unsettle the culture of shame and stigma which isolates people from their families and creates cycles of harm and mistrust. By centering Genet as the feature of this work, and connecting to a genealogy of African women. In the end, this project will culminate in a multi-channel, three-dimensional installation piece which expands upon my work documenting the extraordinary lives of women in my family and their defiance in the face of gendered taboos.

Lead Organizer: Sosena Solomon.