Executive Coordinator

Hope Steinman-Iacullo

Originally from New York City, Hope Steinman-Iacullo has enjoyed a career working at the nexus of art and social change. After graduating Wesleyan University having majored in African American studies with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality, she found her way to the Leeway Foundation where she served as the program associate for several years. There, she honed in on her passion of making grants, resources, and platforms accessible to artistic communities that historically had been left behind.

Hope has now been living in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. She credits the city with giving her the opportunity to expand the breadth of her work beyond the programatic and administrative capacities of arts organizations. With the frenetic energy of LA spurring her on, she spent several years working as a set designer and prop stylist for commercials and film projects with the occasional appearance in front of the camera. In 2018 she had the opportunity of a lifetime assisting Benefits Cosmetics in documenting the non-profit organizations it funded globally. This meant traversing 23 countries to interview the women whose lives were impacted by these efforts. Her love of traveling also brought her on a three month road trip from Los Angeles to Key West, FL while living in a 1978 Volkswagen bus. She used this time period to embark on a deeply personal project of documenting the lives of queer people across the country and producing a travelogue alongside a photographer entitled the Van Dykes Project. Most recently, Hope worked as a coordinator in the Advancement department of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She is now in the process of getting her real estate license, and as always, is searching for adventure around every corner.