The Res Documentary

August 4, 2012

Dir. Steve Zegans, USA, 15 min


NOTE: This is a 15-minute preview of the forthcoming feature documentary. Director Steve Zegans and Res will be in attendance for a Q&A.

I met Res in the fall of 2010 at a small Sunday night show in Philadelphia. Her live show was so impressive and entertaining, but I really couldn’t believe that so few people knew about Res and the great music I was able to check out live for just $7. I asked her if she would let me follow her as she recorded new music, toured the country and hustled to get her music and name back out there. This film is an honest and up close look at what being an independent artist feels like. Ever loved a recording artist and wonder whatever happened them? Or perhaps you were crazy about a song and wanted to know why it wasn’t a bigger hit? Res (Shareese Ballard) is a wildly talented soul -rock singer who released her major label debut (“How I Do”) in 2001. The album’s single “They Say Vision” went Top 40 and reached number 1 on the dance charts. Other singles like “Golden Boys” and “Ice King” all received radio play. The album was well reviewed and has gone on to be considered a cult classic. Res completed work on a second album (Black Girls Rock!) which was planned for a 2004-2005 release and began performing these songs during her live show. After some label shakeups the album would be delayed then ultimately shelved. This provoked Res to break away from her label and go independent. During this time, working on new music with Talib Kweli under the name “Idle Warship” kept Res busy. In 2008, Res officially moved back east and started creating new music in Philly and New York City. At times Res thought about giving up the dream and living a “normal life” but she stayed determined. Now an EP of Fleetwood Mac cover songs are on the horizon and in November 2011 “Habits of the Heart”, the debut release from Idle Warship, was released. Res is currently recording new music for her untitled third solo project. “The Res Documentary” follows Res between 2010 to present time. The film gives an up close look at the highs and lows of being an independent recording artist after being signed to a major label. Res opens up like never before by exposing you to her creative process and real life on and off the road.  This documentary also includes incredible live renditions of released material as well as songs that have never been heard before.