Aug. 21

7:00 PM

Feature Documentary

Through the Night

Dir. Loira Limbal

To make ends meet, Americans are working longer hours across multiple jobs. Through the Night is a verité documentary that explores the personal cost of our modern economy through the stories of two working mothers and a child care provider – whose lives intersect at a 24-hour daycare center.

Nominated for Best Feature Documentary

*This film is only available to viewers in the United States and other U.S. occupied lands, including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands.


76 min.

United States, 2020

Screens with:

Short Documentary

Tamales y Tunas

Dir. Lucía Archila Escobar
15 mins, United States, 2019

In the South Carolina Indigenous Guatemalan community, women face healthcare barriers that make it difficult to carry their pregnancies to term. Pregnant Erlinda longs for the familiar tastes of the nopal fruit, while Fabiana spends her days making tamales to get over a heartbreaking loss.

World Premiere