Aug. 21

4:00 PM
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Beyond the Status: Working with and Investing in Undocumented Creatives

Panelists: Vee Bravo, Iliana Perez, Sheila Quintana Aguilar, Armando Ibañez, Dilan Garcia Lopez
Moderator: Nicole- Solis Sison

We are more than our migrant status and the sum of the limitations that seek to inhibit us. We are here to manifest together a reality that recognizes Undocumented individuals as artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and whoever they desire to be. Beyond the Status challenges the trite and persistent immigrant “struggle narrative,” and showcases Undocumented creatives as people with our own sets of talents, skills, and agency. Following the recent SCOTUS DACA decision, this panel invites Undocumented filmmakers and allies to share ideas regarding invested creativity and partnership with Undocumented artists, entrepreneurial and contract-based collaboration, and concrete steps on how the industry can be more equitable towards migrant filmmakers, among other salient concerns.

This panel is free and open to the public. It will stream live with closed captioning on August 21st from this web page as well as BlackStar’s Facebook page.

Panel: Beyond the Status: Working with and Investing in Undocumented Creatives

Panelists: Vee Bravo, Iliana Perez, Sheila Quintana Aguilar, Armando Ibañez, Dilan Garcia Lopez
Moderator: Nicole- Solis Sison

Posted by BlackStar Film Festival on Friday, August 21, 2020

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Nicole Solis-Sison

Founding Member

Nicole Solis-Sison is an artist, educator, creative director and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Her multi-hyphenate identity has helped her permeate across various industries offering an interdisciplinary approach. Solis-Sison has collaboratively developed the first augmented reality dressing room application for Gap in partnership with Google. Her emphasis in digital content production strategy has paved the way for brands, talent agencies and digital creators to streamline their content in emerging markets with her role as creative director.


Vee Bravo

Deputy Director, Peace is Loud

Vee Bravo is a New York native by way of Chile who has documented hip hop, youth culture and politics for the past 25 years. During that time span he co-founded Stress Magazine and launched a series of music, media and film production initiatives across public schools and jails and prisons. As a filmmaker Bravo co-produced, with Loira Limbal, the PBS documentary Estilo Hip Hop [2009] which chronicles the rise of hip hop activism across Latin America. He also works as a social impact film producer and has contributed to a wide range of film and media impact organizations. Bravo is currently in production of PRIMERA, a feature length documentary about present-day social uprising in Chile.


Iliana Perez

Director of Research & Entrepreneurship

Iliana G. Perez, Ph.D. is the Director of Research & Entrepreneurship at Immigrants Rising, where she oversees the research and evaluation agenda of the organization, as well as the entrepreneurship programming. Immigrant Rising’s entrepreneurship programming, launched by Iliana in a previous role, encourages all immigrants, regardless of status, to create their own opportunities, earn a living, and thrive through entrepreneurship. Iliana is also a lecturer in the Labor Studies Department at UCLA and in the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University.


Sheila Quintana Aguilar

Filmmaker & Organizer

Sheila Quintana Aguilar is filmmaker, consultant, community and digital organizer from Guerrero, Mexico who calls Philly home. She works with local and national social justice organizations and campaigns developing intersectional narrative and communication strategy. Sheila co-founded Bonfire Media Collective, a media production co-op making videos for social change. She has nearly a decade of community and national organizing experience at the intersection of migration, criminalization, and health. Sheila is also a mama and a practicing doula. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the VONA writers workshop.


Armando Ibañez

Filmmaker / Screenwriter

Armando Ibañez is a Latinx queer filmmaker and activist from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. He has been living in the United States for 20 years and lives in Los Angeles, California. His passion for film began at the age of 7 years old while watching Mexican cinema from the 1950s. Currently, Armando is the director and writer of the youtube series “Undocumented Tales,” a story that follows the journey of a Mexican undocumented and queer server living in Los Angeles. Armando is committed to portraying authentic Latinx characters and addressing real issues impacting immigrant communities in the United States.


Dilan Garcia Lopez


Dilan Garcia Lopez is a Latinx filmmaker from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Being raised undocumented in Los Angeles since the age of 3 gives him a unique perspective as a filmmaker now in his early 20s. As of 2020 he has worked on hundreds of web episodes, commercial work, original programming for Snapchat Originals, Mitú, and Business Insider.