Youth Program 1

Saturday, Aug. 5, 10:00 AM



Agent Hollywood

Dir. Anthony M. Hobbs • 2017, 13 min.

Agent Hollywood is a film about a kid actor who is also a secret agent. His days are filled with Hollywood, homework, and henchmen.


Distorted Reality

Dir. Marlon A. Francis, Reel Works • 2017, 8 min.

Growing up, Marlon was able to create a complete world with his imagination. Stepping outside of it, he discovers a world of racism and xenophobia—and decides to take action against it.

North America Premiere


Intruder Alert

Dirs. Isaiah Davis, Haljazir Headley, Vanessa Moran, Neydis Villa, Zane Lallion, Bashar Salim, Mamadou Diallo, Kymani O’neil, Jazmin Castillo, and Oumou Bah, CCCADI • 2017, 7 min.

What would you do if an intruder got into your school? Fourth- and 5th-grade film students at Jackie Robinson School let their imaginations run wild in this sci-fi thriller about a menacing clown and a student on her way to the principal’s office.


Ms. Moore’s Class Documentary

Dirs. Arian Alfred, Brandon Bolden, Jereya Burt, Kemet Duckett, Karl Hawk, Yasmine Jackson, Nadir Johnson, Stephen Lawson, Aalaizha Lloyd, Kwame Lloyd, Makayla Mignake, Jaiden Norton, Maurice Richardson, Rakiya Smith, Malik Spurgeon, Hynif Stafford, Jasir Walker, Janae Williams, and Tray Weaver-Purnell, WHYY Media Lab • 2017, 19 min.

Ms. Moore’s Class Documentary is a community-style conversation starter about the experiences of violence being faced by 6th grade students at Martha Washington Academics Plus School in West Philly. In it, they reveal their perceptions and share their messages about what we can do collectively to make things better.



Dirs. Zaire Stevens-Reddy, Chamar Dancy-Kegler, Micah Owen, Zsanique Bolden, and Brianna Bolden, WHYY • 2017, 14 min.

David and Dahmir are two blood brothers growing up in Western Philadelphia in a foster home because their mother and father were on drugs. When the brothers begin to get into trouble with new friends, their old friend Kevin helps them get back on track.