Youth Program 2 (Ages 19-22)

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2:45 PM



Are You An Oreo?

Armiel Chandler, DCTV/Brooklyn College • 2016, 10 min.

Oreo, a label given in the African-American/Latino community, is defined by Urban Dictionary as “a person who ‘acts white’ because of the way they dress, talk, or act.” This film examines the definition of “code switching” and what it means to be “safe black.”

Philadelphia Premiere



Ejaniia Clayton, Youth FX • 2018, 3 min.

Challenging stereotypes and misconceptions, Javier struggles to claim his sexual identity.

World Premiere


blu blak

King Ali Emeka, Wesleyan University • 2018, 19 min.

19-year-old writer-director, King Ali Emeka, explores the pitfalls of contemporary black masculinity against the backdrop of L.A.’s fast and youthful skating scene. Emeka portrays the central character of Malcom, a disturbed and paranoid young skater, who navigates through a fever dream fueled by drugs and memories of past devastations.

World Premiere


The C.O.R.E.

IQ, Maddox, Renee, Global Action Project • 2017, 22 min.

In the year 2032, the dictator Solomon has seized power over one of the five islands remaining after a major world war and stripped people of human rights and freedom. Art and gender expression are outlawed. Borders are highly regulated, and no one is safe. Despite the danger, a group of trans and gender nonconforming People of Color organizers come together to resist. They are The C.O.R.E.

Philadelphia Premiere



Andrew Edwards, Kelli Clark, Carnegie Mellon University • 2018, 3 min.

A new hire at a globally-recognized tech company develops a connection with her latest project. After realizing the fate of her brainchild, she tries to prevent it’s inevitable exploitation.

Philadelphia Premiere



Armiel Chandler, DCTV/Brooklyn College • 2017, 2 min.

An experimental film exploring social awkwardness and self acceptance as a young man struggles to find his place in the world.

Philadelphia Premiere


Je Suis Noir (I Am Black)

Armiel Chandler, DCTV/Brooklyn College • 2017, 3 min.

An experimental film examining shades of color in the African American community and the impact of cultural appropriation.

Philadelphia Premiere



Camille Dobbs, YouthFX • 2018, 12 min.

Inspired by real events. Silence is a look at the fallout of a relationship that never was.

World Premiere


We Bring the Rain

Asha Brown, Temple University • 2018, 10 min.

Everyone is born with a purpose in life, but whether he or she live up to it or deny it is up to them. We Bring the Rain is a short supernatural drama that follows the story of a 20-year–old girl named Nia who lives in a small town. For 20 years her town has suffered from a mysterious draught and famine. One day while in the forest a fruit falls upon her despite the trees never bearing fruit for 20 years. Nia discovers that she has the ability to produce life from barren land. Recognizing her newfound powers Nia starts down a path to use it for the good of the people. With every miracle she gifts her starving people the more it becomes clear that helping others could be her purpose, but that all changes when their demands become too high.