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BlackStar is growing and we need your help.

BlackStar creates space for dialogue among filmmakers, patrons, and enthusiasts, expanding our collective vision and understanding of what it means to be “Black.” The 2018 festival showcased more than 70 films from around the world. With an 85% filmmaker presence, the festival offers attendees a chance to have conversations with artists about their work in spirited Q&A sessions after each screening and more informally in the vibrant community space that the festival creates.

The festival has been an amazing thing, but we have more ideas. We want to do year-round programming, mount exhibits, and produce collaborative content and events with partners around the globe.

Most importantly, with the many constituencies and networks that have grown and flourished under BlackStar’s umbrella, BlackStar moves beyond the traditional framework of a film festival that showcases underrepresented voices to a nexus for movement building. BlackStar is a space where highly engaged audience members ask difficult questions, together think through a new vision for interconnected communities, and explore the possibility of shared values across cultures.

We depend on individuals to help us meet our basic back-end needs. For years the festival has been operating largely on the will of folks volunteering after hours and working for stipends well below market rates. After eight years, you can imagine that isn’t sustainable.

Please join us as we embark upon an infrastructure campaign to ensure the festival has a long life, one which requires that we direct resources toward full-time paid staff, office space, community gatherings, and wellness initiatives.

Individual donations are crucial to our future as an institution. Your gift will ensure that we can pursue our larger objectives and continue supporting the annual festival as the well-regarded experience that is has become.

In the long term, the festival hopes to create lasting collaborative partnerships between artists, build a loyal fan base for the independent filmmakers, and ultimately shift the conversation about filmmaking from being on the margin to the center, as part of the greater cultural landscape. In order to continue growing, we need as much help as possible. Invest in us.

If you are interested in discussing corporate sponsorship, a significant and/or multi-year gift please contact shine@blackstarfest.org.

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