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A headshot of Anisia Uzeyman, she is a Black woman. She is wearing a linen shirt, her hair is wrapped.


3rd EYE Cinema Praxis

by Anisia Uzeyman

A photo of a stack of magazines with Seen Issue 006 visible at the top, featuring a photo of Colman Domingo on the cover.

Issue 006
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Colman Domingo,
Lily Gladstone,
Charles Gaines,
Danielle Deadwyler,
and more.

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Digital $5

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Monthly missives on film, art, and more.


A dark room with brown carpeting inside the Perez Art Museum Miami. In the background a film installation can be seen, on the ceiling is a projector. On the screen is a still image from Too Bright to See (Part I), a short film by Madleine Hunt-Ehrlich. A Black woman is seen in the still image, she wears red lipstick and her hair is up in a chignon, she wears a dark blue dress with small white flowers. Behind her stand three men, their faces are out of frame and not shown. They were comfortable summer suiting and hold newspapers.