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Nehad Khader

Nehad Khader is a filmmaker, curator, editor and writer whose work in film informs her work as a historian and vice versa. Trained in media and literature by Black and Palestinian creators, Nehad is moved by art that carries aesthetic excellence as well as social and political significance. In 2009, just before attending grad school at Georgetown University, Nehad curated her first exhibit at the Philadelphia Folklore Project showcasing the works and oral histories of Palestinian women in Philadelphia. She went on to serve as Managing Editor of the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Palestine Studies in Washington, DC. During her time there, she took her first professional plunge into cinema as the founding curator of the DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival, founded by a group of fierce women in 2011. Nehad is a 2017 Leeway Transformation Award winner, a 2018 Tribeca Film Institute fellow, and a 2019 Logan Nonfiction Fellow. She also produced the short documentary White Fright, now streaming on The Guardian. After BlackStar Film Festival, Nehad spends the month of August field producing Scribe Video Center’s annual Street Movies! summer outdoor film screening series, hosted in various neighborhoods throughout the city. When she’s not watching films, Nehad loves reading fiction, singing, gardening, and enjoying her favorite city and hometown, Philadelphia.