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Duty of Care



With Amber Espinosa-Jones, Contessa Gayles, JJ’88, and Natalie Bullock Brown, Moderated by Andraéa LaVant

Beyond the camera, how far does a filmmaker’s responsibility extend? More urgently, what is the filmmaker’s duty towards their protagonists — particularly folks who are in a position of vulnerability? We’ll explore the ongoing ethical considerations and practices necessary to safeguard the well-being and dignity of protagonists, long after filming concludes. We’ll delve into questions from both sides of the camera, inviting filmmakers, protagonists, and advocates to discuss fostering empathy, respect, and accountability within the documentary film industry.

Accessibility: ASL interpretation available

Andraea Lavant

Andraéa LaVant


Amber Espinosa-Jones


A picture of a woman named Contessa Gayles seated against a black backdrop. She wears a fully black outfit consisting of a beret and turtleneck, barely visible against the dark background. Her long, small, braided hair falls over her shoulders as she holds a calm, contemplative expression gazing slightly upwards and to the side. Her bold red lipstick stands out prominently against her dark attire, and her hands are clasped loosely in her lap.

Contessa Gayles




Natalie Bullock Brown


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