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Accessibility Statement

BlackStar is building a liberatory world in which a vast spectrum of Black, Brown and Indigenous experiences is irresistibly celebrated in arts and culture. A core part of that worldbuilding is ensuring that all members of our community can safely and easily access it. In pursuit of that vision, BlackStar is actively working to increase the accessibility of our spaces in order to right the ignorances of our past and create an environment that is different from the one offered to us by greater society. In the wake of the many overlapping and converging public health crises, this work takes on even greater significance because we know that we keep us safe.

We are far from perfect stewards of accessibility and disability justice. As such, we implore you to make known to us any access needs or considerations not covered by this guide. Please email Akili Davis, BlackStar’s Program Associate and Festival Accessibility Coordinator at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns not addressed here.

What Accommodations are Available?

Wheelchair Accessible Venues

Wheelchair accessibility at all venues.

ASL Interpretation

ASL interpretation at all public events (e.g. panels and post-screening Q&As)

We recommend sitting near the front of the stage for the best view of the onstage interpreter. For folks who don’t need ASL interpretation, please leave these seats open for attendees who need to utilize the service.

Open Captions

Open captions or subtitles in all in-person film screenings

Closed Captions

Closed captions in virtual film screenings

Audio Description

Audio description using audio listening devices at designated in-person and virtual film screenings.

Please visit the info desk to check out an audio description device for your screening at least 15 minutes before the start time. The device must be returned immediately following the screening.

Quiet Space

A quiet space, located upstairs in the Kimmel Center.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating options

Parent Rooms

Designated parent rooms (also known as lactation rooms) at multiple venues.

Accessibility Guide

Abbreviated accessibility information in a printed takeaway

Flashing Lights Warning

Films including flashing lights that could impact people with certain health conditions, including epilepsy, are notated on their film page along with approximate time codes of when the flashing lights occur.