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How to Breathe out of Water (Como Respirar Fora d’Água)

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On the way back from the swimming training, Janaina is violently approached by the police. Safe back home, she must manage the relationship with her father, who’s a policeman.

Directors Spotlight

Victoria Negreiros


Victoria Negreiros is a Brazilian director and screenwriter based in São Paulo. She graduated in Audiovisual from the University of São Paulo, having also studied at Université Paris 8 – Arts, Philosophie et Esthétique. Furthermore, she worked as a filmmaker at the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo. Victoria dedicates herself to writing and research into intersections of queer identities and film genres and recently wrote a series project for Globo TV International laboratory of black authors. Currently, she works in writer’s rooms developing projects for players such as Netflix, Disney, and Paramount, in collaboration with Brazilian producers, such as Boutique Filmes, Cinefilm and Chatrone Latin America.

Júlia Fávero


Júlia Fávero is a videomaker and photographer based in São Paulo, Brasil. She graduated in cinema at University of São Paulo and concentrates her field of study in screenplay, direction and editing. Her first short was My rivers flow beneath the asphalt (2017) screened at Kinofórum – International Shortfilm Festival of São Paulo in 2018 as screenwriter and director. She was also co-writer and co-director at How to Breathe Out of Water (2021) her second and latest short, awarded for best short direction at Mix Brasil Festival and Cine Ceará Festival. Recently, she has worked on editing Brazilian children’s TV series Show da Historia (2019) and A Caverna de Petra (2021).

  • Year: 2021
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Country: Brazil
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Director: Júlia Fávero and Victoria Negreiros
  • Cast: Raphaella Rosa, Dárcio de Oliveira, Giovana Lima, Taty Godoi, Oswaldo Eugênio, Riggo Oliveira, Daniel Melotti
  • Cinematographer: Giuliana Lanzoni
  • Composer: Francisco Grasso
  • Editor: Luiza Freire
  • Producer: Ricardo Santos
  • Production Design: Ana Iajuc
  • Screenwriter: Júlia Fávero and Victoria Negreiros
  • Sound Design: Bia Hong
  • Premiere: Philadelphia

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