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Black Muslims on Screen

  • American Sign Language interpretation in-person
    ASL Interpretation

In person

with Nijla Mu’min, Desha Dauchan, Qasim Basir, and Yucef Mayes, moderated by Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

Looking back at some of the films featured in the festival over the years among other works (Jinn, Covered, Zahra and the Oil Man, Mooz-lum, To Live and Die and Live) this panel moves away from the flattening representations of Black Muslims in television, film and media, and veers towards the fuller, more vibrant and nuanced portrayals of religion, spirit and cultural experiences among this community. The conversation will orbit around the nuances of Black Muslim storytelling, and the task of crafting stories which center joy, intimacy, faith and love.

Nijla Mu'min


Desha Dauchaun


Qasim Basir


Yucef Mayes


Dr. Su'ad Abdul Khabeer


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