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Black Queer Futures

  • American Sign Language interpretation in-person
    ASL Interpretation

In person

with Milan Garçon, Brit Fryer, Charlyn Magdaline Griffith Oro and Victoria Negreiros, moderated by J Wortham*

The filmmakers and artists in this panel explore themes of gender affirming healthcare, nonbinary ballroom culture, familial conflict and growth, playing with the idea of time, futurity, and freedom. Transcending the difficulty and oppressions of the current moment, these films find, build, and inhabit worlds that offer alternative ways of being – in the present and the future. These directors expand and redefine the edges of nonfiction and narrative forms to present imaginative ways of witnessing and centering queer experience.

Milan Garçon


Brit Fryer


Charlyn Magdaline Griffith Oro


Victoria Negreiros


J Wortham


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