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Nowhere Near


Feature Documentary

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A poetic memoir through the lens of a stateless person returning to an estranged homeland.

All Access pass holders receive complimentary entry with their pass. Please arrive at the theatre at least 15 minutes before showtime to secure your seat.

Directors Spotlight

A picture of a man named Miko Revereza. He is staring straight towards the camera, his body completely centered. He has straight sleek short black hair, cut in a straight bob and tucked behind his ears. He is wearing a black button down top with fiery orange dragons, with a light mustache just above his soft faint smile.

Miko Revereza


Miko Revereza (b 1988 Manila) is a documentary and experimental filmmaker. His experience with migration informs his relationship with moving images.

  • Runtime 96 minutes
  • Country United States, Philippines
  • Language English, Tagalog
  • Director Miko Revereza
  • Composer Vincent Yuen Ruiz
  • Production Design Vincent Yuen Ruiz
  • Screenwriter Shireen Seno
  • Cast Pedro Revereza II, Aurora Fernandez Revereza, Paul Revereza, Jet Revereza, Jovito Gutierrez, Lourdes Gutierrez, Geraldine Inigo
  • Producer Shireen Seno
  • Sound Design Miko Revereza, Kevin T Allen
  • Premiere Philadelphia

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