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  • Trigger warning: Mild sexual content, may not be suitable for children
    Trigger Warning

As Egypt syncs further into poverty, new cities are being erected across the country and prisons fill with dissenting opinions. Since it is currently not possible to safely speak about this: a ventriloquist, songs, and advertisements describe a seemingly bygone era of fascism.

Directors Spotlight

Basma al-Sharif


Born stateless and of Palestinian heritage, artist/filmmaker Basma al-Sharif explores cyclical political histories and conflicts. In films and installations that move backward and forward in history, between place and non-place, she confronts the legacy of colonialism through satirical, immersive, and lyrical works.

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Country: Egypt, Italy, Germany
  • Language: Arabic, Italian, French
  • Director: Basma al-Sharif
  • Cast: Diego Marcon, Francesca Tasini
  • Cinematographer: Davide Artusi, Simon Veroneg, Basma al-Sharif
  • Music: Nino Ferrer, Le Sud, Fairuz, Our Home on the Island
  • Premiere: North America

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