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Sound of The Police

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  • Trigger warning: Flashing lights. Police violence.
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Sound of the Police examines the fraught relationship between African Americans and the police from slavery to the present. The film traces the long and complex racial history in the U.S. that set the path for policing in communities of color and fuels ongoing conflicts and calls for reform.

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Directors Spotlight

Stanley Nelson


An Academy Award Nominated filmmaker, Stanley Nelson is the foremost chronicler of the African American experience working in nonfiction film today. His documentary films, many of which have aired on PBS, combine compelling narratives with rich and deeply researched historical detail, shining new light on both familiar and under-explored aspects of the American past.

Valerie Scoon


Valerie Scoon is an award-winning producer and filmmaker. Her most recent documentary, Invisible History: Middle Florida’s Hidden Roots, was broadcast nationally through American Public Television and won the 2021 Suncoast Regional Emmy for Best Historical Documentary. For more information on Ms. Scoon’s independent documentary work, visit

  • Year: 2023
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Director: Stanley Nelson, Valerie Scoon (co-director)
  • Cast: Andre Locke, Karen Wells, Nekima Levy Armstrong, Ben Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Baptist, Stephen Downing, James Forman Jr, Tony Fote, Damon Gilbert, Phillip Atiba Goff, Sally Hadden, Keyon Harrold Sr., Keyon Harrold Jr., Elizabeth Hinton, Ebone Husain, Jihad Husain, Z'Kye Knowles, Delores Jones-Brown, DeRay McKesson, Tracey Meares, Rachel Moran, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Fath Davis Ruffins,Terry Anne Scott, Jelani Cobb, David Simon, Sean Smoot, LeRonne Armstrong, Eric Jones, Dwight Watkins, Greg Zeff, Rod Adams, Michelle Gross, Jeff Storms, Donnell Walters, Christy Lopez, William P. Jones, Toshira Garraway, R. Todd Edwards, Maria Maki Haberfeld
  • Cinematographer: Rick Butler, Eli Gamson, Stacey Dillon, Thomas Kaufman, Johnny Stuckmayer, Brennan Vance, Mark Vargo
  • Editor: Richard Lowe
  • Executive Producer: Stanley Nelson
  • Producer: Keith Brown
  • Premiere: Special Preview Screening

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